Landlord Overview

Albion House is pleased to advise that we subscribe to DataKatch’s Residential  Tenancy Database

DataKatch is an online data company – focused on the provision of innovative  and intrinsic data capturing solutions. 

DataKatch’s Residential Tenancy Database has revolutionised the way applicants are screened - providing real estate agencies access to high quality, in-depth information which facilitates informed decision-making. 

By utilising this service, management can screen  applicants before approving applications. We also use this service to report occupancy defaults.

Applicant & Approved Occupant Privacy Statement

Please take the time to read this statement carefully. This statement has  been designed to advise you as to how management utilises your personal information and who it may disclose it to. Management collects personal information about you as a duty of care to the proprietor when assessing risks. You may discuss this process by contacting management.

Primary Purpose

Before your application can be approved, management is required to collect your personal information for the primary purpose of assessing the risk to the proprietor. As part of the assessment process, your personal information may be disclosed to any of the following: landlords, referees, real estate agents, property managers, DataKatch and any of its related entities. 

Management may also take into account any information that is disclosed to us by DataKatch in relation to attempts made by companies and related  person/s trying to locate or contact you. 

Secondary Purpose

There are a number of secondary purposes for collecting information. If your occupancy is approved and you enter into an Occupancy Agreement, these  secondary purposes become applicable. 

During and post occupancy we may disclose your personal information to: landlords, landlord's lawyers, mortgagees, insurance companies, trades  people, rental bond authorities, residential tenancy tribunals, courts, law enforcement agencies, government departments, DataKatch and future references. Management may also disclose your personal information to other companies and related persons to assist them to locate and contact you. 

You understand that you are under no obligation to consent to this statement but failure to do so may result in your application being rejected.

Privacy Statement

DataKatch may collect personal information about you in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs). This information is provided about  DataKatch

DataKatch operates a profiling service that collects, stores, maintains and shares data amongst its related companies, shareholders and subscribers.

Information is also collected and shared with third party companies, organisations and government departments.

DataKatch also operates a tenancy database that records default rental history information. A subscriber to DataKatch can conduct profile  searches on applicants as part of their risk management process and duty of care to their clients. The search results may disclose information about your past rental histories and will also result in information being supplied to a subscriber you are currently renting through. 

You are entitled to have access to any personal information that DataKatch may hold on any of its databases. To obtain a copy of your information , please visit

Personal information that may be recorded and reported as part of your DataKatch profile includes your full name, date of birth, driver license number, proof of age card number and passport number (except Australian). Other information reported may also include current addresses, contact phone numbers, references on applications and tenancies. 

Should your application be successful and you sign an Occupancy Agreement, you acknowledge that if you breach the agreement, this breach may be  reported to DataKatch

In accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) you are entitled to access your personal information that we may hold on any of our  databases. You can gain access to your information via post or online. Further information can be found on the website or by contacting DataKatch

DataKatch collects information from its related companies, shareholders and subscribers. Information is also collected and shared with third party companies, organisations and government departments. The information collected is shared amongst its shareholders and subscribers for the purpose of assessing an application. 

DataKatch may also disclose your personal information to other companies and related persons to permit them to locate and contact you.

Further information about DataKatch including its deletion timeframe policies can be found on DataKatch's website

Serviceability Assessment

By completing and submitting the DataKatch Serviceability Assessment you authorise the use of this information by management.

The ratio is intended as a guide only and no application approval or rejection should be assumed on the basis of the results of this ratio.

All applications remain subject to the normal vetting process and criteria of management.

ALBION HOUSE is a registered general boarding house under the Boarding Houses Act 2012

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