Management Team

1st City Real Estate Group is appointed and authorised to let and manage Albion House with Albion House Management for Lauvan Pty Ltd

Ydonna Santos

Ydonna Santos

1st City Property Management

Rebecca Houlton

Rebecca Houlton

1st City Property Management

Lucas Wyte

Lucas Wyte

Albion House Management

Shadd Danesi

Shadd Danesi



Exclusive Management Agency Agreement


Appointment of Agent

The proprietor appoints and authorises the agent and the agent's employees from time to time exclusively to let and manage the rooms.


The agent shall perform the following services:

    Attendance at a tribunal / court

    Preparation of a tribunal / court case

    Arrangement of repairs and maintenance

    Service of any notice

    Calculation and collection of water and sewerage usage charges

    Arrangement of refurbishment or improvements

    Processing insurance claims

    Disaster / emergency management

Note: The services to be provided by the agent cannot be varied except as agreed by the proprietor in writing.

Agent's Authority

At the end of each occupancy, the agent is authorised to:

    re-let the room at market rate;

    periodically review the occupancy fee when in the opinion of the agent such a review is appropriate or at the end of     each occupancy.

The agent shall endeavour to verify references from any prospective occupant.

In respect of each occupancy, the agent is authorised and directed on behalf of the proprietor to:

    arrange inspection by prospective occupants;

    obtain references;

    select occupants and enter into and sign Occupancy Agreements;

    collect occupancy fees;

    collect security and key deposits as permitted by law;

    make claims for the refund of security and key deposits having regards to any occupancy fees due and the condition     of the room at the end of each occupancy;

    respond to any applications by occupants and represent the proprietor before the NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal     (NCAT);

    exercise the proprietor's right to enforce or terminate Occupancy Agreements including the service of notices as     necessary;

    undertake periodical inspections.

In respect of each occupancy, the agent and the agent's employees from time to time are authorised and directed on behalf of the proprietor to make application before the NCAT and to do all things necessary to commence and complete proceedings for the recovery of possession from an occupant and / or the recovery of monies due.

The agent is authorised to arrange and pay for repairs and maintenance to be done in accordance with the proprietor's obligations or as otherwise instructed with prior approval of the proprietor except in an emergency and where the repairs are urgently required.


Unless the proprietor advises to the contrary, any prospective occupant is entitled to inspect the rooms at the agent's discretion.


Lucas Wyte is authorised to act on behalf of Lauvan Pty Ltd in relation to Albion House and all rooms situated inside the property situated at 10 Flinders St Darlinghurst, in relation to serving termination notices, occupation fees and letting rooms.

ALBION HOUSE is a registered general boarding house under the Boarding Houses Act 2012

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