Statement of House Rules

You agree to pay a holding deposit (equal to the weekly occupancy fee) on application acceptance. The room will not be let during the holding period of 7 days.

The holding deposit will be contributed as the first week’s occupancy fee when occupancy starts or will be repaid in the event of the application being rejected or management not agreeing to the occupancy during the holding period. If you decide to withdraw or not enter into an Occupancy Agreement, the proprietor will retain the holding deposit.

Management will give you an equipment inventory and condition report when you move in. It describes the condition of the room/s and furnishing items provided. It must be completed within 7 days of the start and the end of the occupancy. The report may be used as evidence if disputing the repayment of your security deposit. 

Albion House is a registered general boarding house. You acknowledge that you are not a tenant and do not have a residential tenancy agreement nor dominion over the room occupied.

The boarding house is managed by property managers as agents of the proprietor and an after-hours caretaker appointed by the proprietor to ensure the premises are monitored, house rules adhered to and available to respond to any complaints or incidents that may occur.

Residents are responsible for paying their occupancy fees on time and you must continue paying occupancy fees until the occupancy ends. The Occupancy Agreement sets out the fee required to be paid weekly in advance to the managing agent 1st City Property Management by BPAY, direct debit, card or cheque payments with DEFT Payment Systems or in cash at Australia Post. Trust account receipts are distributed to residents weekly. Not paying, being behind or if your occupancy fee has not been received by the agent when due means you are in breach of the Occupancy Agreement and management may assume the room is no longer occupied.

You must pay the occupancy fee on time, abide by the house rules and consider other residents' right to peace and quiet. If the occupancy fee is not paid, the house rules not observed or there is a breach which seriously disturbs the peace and quiet of other residents, the offender may be asked to leave. It is essential you understand that breaching the house rules can be cause to terminate your Occupancy Agreement. 

Rooms are for the principal residence of only the occupant/s agreed. You must not cause or permit more people to be accommodated in the room than is permitted. The transfer of your occupancy or the sub-letting of the room is not allowed without the consent of management.

You must pay all charges for the supply of separately metered electricity to the room. You do not pay for electricity used in common areas or for gas and water usage.

Television reception and broadband internet are not provided by the proprietor. You must have the consent of management to install a new connection. You will pay for the installation and for any repairs to any of the connections you are allowed to install.  

The room (including furniture, fittings, bed and linen) must be kept in a clean and healthy condition, free from pests or vermin with day-to-day routine pest control.

It is your responsibility to replace light globes and smoke detector batteries in the room after commencing the occupancy. Management must also be notified within 24 hours of a smoke detector battery being replaced.

Management is responsible for the upkeep of common areas on a regular basis however bathrooms, showers and toilets are to be left reasonably clean by residents after use. Please flush the toilet and put the seat toilet seat down as a courtesy to other residents. Do not flush anything other than toilet paper down the toilet.

Garbage bins must be kept covered and any waste (with lids of bottles removed) must be bagged and placed in the wheelie bins located at the Taylor Street exit the night before collection by council on Mondays and Fridays.

Mattresses, whitegoods and bulky, large or metal household items plus any E-waste can be booked by the after-hours caretaker for pick-up by council on Wednesdays. Household chemical clean-outs are conducted regularly.

You must give access to the room to the proprietor, property manager, after-hours caretaker or any other person appointed by them if they are exercising a right to enter the room in accordance with the Occupancy Agreement.

Management can enter the room with notice but without your consent to inspect the room, to carry out or assess the need for necessary repairs and maintenance, to work to meet legal, health and safety obligations or to show the room to prospective occupants.

Management can enter the room without your consent and without notice in an emergency, to do urgent repairs, if the room has been abandoned or if there is a serious concern about the health and safety of a person on the premises.

Building maintenance and repairs are performed when required. Residents and their invited guests must not cause or allow damage to the premises, either intentionally or through lack of care or attention. You must keep the furniture and fittings provided to you in good repair. Any damage caused by you or your guests and visitors as a result of mistreatment or neglect is not considered fair wear- and-tear and may be charged back to you.

You must not install or remove any fixture or renovate, alter or add to the premises without management permission. You must notify management of any damage caused by removing any fixture and you must take reasonable steps to mitigate any loss. You must repair any damage caused by your alterations or compensate the proprietor for the reasonable cost of repair.

The replacement of locks and latches or any damage caused by forced entry due to the loss of keys or the non-payment of the occupancy fee, pest control required due to poor hygiene practices as well as any blocked toilets or false fire alarms caused by you may be charged back to you.

You must ensure that there are no plants, mats, outdoor furniture or other material placed in, on or over the drains. Pot plants are not to be placed on ledges, railings or directly on the metal surface of the rooftop. Poorly kept outdoor areas and blocked or covered drains may result in flooding. Any damage caused by a resident may be charged to the resident.

Residents are responsible for their own contents and acknowledge that the proprietor is not responsible nor insured for any loss or damage to a resident’s home contents or personal effects. Any items with a value equal to or more than $1,000 (medium and high value goods) are not allowed to be kept or stored in the boarding house.

You must not remove or interfere with the operation of sensors, detectors and alarms installed in the boarding premises. The smoke alarm in the room is permanently powered by the overhead lighting with a battery backup. If the smoke alarm is faulty, contact the property manager to arrange to repair the alarm.

The use of candles or incense is strictly not allowed. Do not let rubbish accumulate. Flammable liquids are to be locked away in an appropriate area. Smokers should ensure that ash trays are regularly emptied and checked before going to bed to make sure cigarettes are extinguished. Do not leave lit cigarettes around near beds, clothing or lounges. Ensure all electrical items are disconnected or turned off when not in use. Ensure clothing and other materials are not placed on or near heaters. The placement of heaters should be carefully considered with no combustibles placed within 1 metre of a heater.

Keep doors and windows closed when the room is not occupied. The self-closing devices on doors are required to bring the door to a fully closed and latched position automatically.

Maintain clear exit paths; avoid storing material in pathways and near doors. Do not obstruct or keep fire (smoke) doors open. It is an offence to place anything in an exit which may impede the free passage of persons or to interfere with, cause obstruction or impediment to the normal operation of fire doors and exits. Fines apply.

Read the emergency evacuation plan diagrams carefully, noting the fire extinguisher and hose reel locations, evacuation routes and designated assembly point details in case of an emergency.

Always remember in any fire alarm to evacuate the building and do not go back inside until instructed by the fire brigade or after-hours caretaker that it is safe to do so.

You must not alter, remove or add any lock or other security device without permission from management.

The entrance door and emergency exit doors must be kept closed and locked at all times. Do not prop doors open and do not use exit doors as an entrance of convenience. Your guests and visitors are your responsibility and should not be given the security key to enter the boarding premises without you. Do not let any person in unless they are known to you to be a resident. Any persons found on the premises unaccompanied will be asked to leave immediately.

Noise is to be kept at a minimum at all times. Please enter and exit the boarding premises quietly. Walk quietly across the rooftop, considering the residents in the rooms below. Residents and their guests or visitors found slamming doors or disturbing other residents may be asked to leave.

You and your guests or visitors must not cause or permit a nuisance nor interfere, cause or permit interference with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of other residents. Abusive language, alcohol or drug abuse, excessive noise, harassment, theft, violence or other anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated and may result in termination of your Occupancy Agreement.

Power tools (and vacuum cleaners) should not be used after 8pm. Air conditioners, musical instruments and sound equipment should not be audible within another room after 10pm weekdays or midnight weekends. For the comfort and protection of all residents, guests and visitors are not allowed in rooms or common areas after 11pm.

You must not keep animals or pets in the premises and children are not allowed at any time for their own safety. Smoking and the consumption of alcohol is prohibited from all indoor common areas including hallways, stairs and bathrooms.

You must not use the premises, or cause or permit the premises to be used for any illegal purpose. The possession, use or sale of illegal drugs and prostitution is not permitted. Any resident, guest or visitor suspected of associating with such activities will be asked to leave; you could be evicted and the police informed.

CCTV cameras continuously record video in common areas and monitored by management to increase the safety and security of residents, guests and visitors. Recorded CCTV surveillance may be accessed by the police for law enforcement purposes; management may use CCTV recordings as evidence relating to any suspected breaches of the Occupancy Agreement or the house rules. Please report any suspicious activity witnessed to the after-hours caretaker for review.


Each resident is allowed up to 3 guests per room, being a maximum of 4 people including the room occupant/s.

Residents with a view of Flinders Street are allowed to have their guests in their room. Only those residents without a view of the parade will be allowed on the rooftop with their guests. Security guards will patrol the premises to control crowds and enforce the house rules.

No BBQs are allowed due to safety reasons. Nobody is permitted on the rooftop after midnight due to council noise regulations.

Due to damage caused in previous years, no parties are allowed on the rooftop on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.

Nobody is permitted on the rooftop after 12:30am due to council noise regulations. Security guards may patrol the premises.

You must give the property manager at least 2 weeks written notice to vacate. If you give insufficient notice or if you terminate the Agreement before the end of the minimum 4 week stay required, you must pay a break fee (equal to the weekly occupancy fee).

If management wants you to move out, you will be given written notice but if you are still at the boarding house when the notice ends, you may be evicted by force. The police can also be asked to remove you and if you refuse, you may be found guilty of an offence.

ALBION HOUSE is a registered general boarding house under the Boarding Houses Act 2012

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